Third Coast Terminals follows regulations set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Homeland Security.

Internal security audits are conducted, documented and acted on with due diligence. Combined training for railcar and bulk tanker Transcaer Training for first responders, team members and others.

Facility property is completely fenced.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the facility. Smoking products, including lighters, are not allowed into the plant.

Warning signs are posted around the facility’s entire perimeter.

Continuous surveillance cameras are strategically located throughout the campus.

The plant gates are operated by “Key Card” and monitored.

Visitors are never left unattended, they are always escorted while in the plant.

The facility is well illuminated from dusk to dawn.

Storage tanks, containers and buildings are all secured when unattended.

Discharge valves are padlocked when not in use. This minimizes the chance of product leakage, cross-contamination and vandalism.

Team members are trained and re-trained annually. Before beginning work at Third Coast Terminals employees are given awareness training. Job specific training for DOT, IMDG, IATA and OSHA programs is incorporated into early training schedules and no one is allowed to operate a piece of equipment without the proper training/certification.

Random drug screening and criminal background checks are performed for all team members.

Third Coast Terminals prohibits taking weapons of any type into the plant. Personal vehicles are not allowed in the terminal area except when authorized by senior management.