Quality Control Testing

Third Coast Terminals has an extensive on-site laboratory, which can provide our customers with certified quality control and quality assurance testing for all manufactured products. Our Chemists, Analysts and Technicians support our services with over 100 years of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and product management experience.

The Third Coast Analytical Technologies (TCAT) Laboratory is included in the site ISO9001:2008 Registration. The Lab participates in round-robin-testing with our customers’ labs, outside laboratory confirmation, and employs contract calibration services for equipment maintenance and reliability. In addition to standard QA/QC testing, we offer a flexible work environment that makes for easy scheduling of standardized production test requirements.

For a full listing of our laboratory-based services please visit the Third Coast Analytical Technologies website below.

Third Coast Analytical Technologies http://www.thirdcoastanalyticaltechnologies.com

Contact TCAT at 281-412-0275