Research & Development

Third Coast Terminals offers a variety of technical services including

  • Multistep organic or inorganic synthesis

  • Formulation

  • Application Support

  • Scale up from laboratory study to industrial production

  • Current process troubleshooting and optimization

R&D Equipment and Facilities

  • High pressure reactors (Parr reactor)

  • Glass reactors – atmospheric and pressurized up to 30 psi

  • On-site analytical instruments: gas chromatography (GC), ion chromatography (IC), FT-IR, UV-Vis., ICP, Auto-titrator, Karl-Fischer moisture machines

  • Local access to HPLC, GC-MS, NMR, and other possible

Chemical Families

  • Ester

  • Amides

  • Amines

  • Amine Oxides

  • Amidazolines

  • Quats

  • Betaines

  • Polymers (pre-polymers)


  • Batch reaction

  • Distillation (batch/continuous, flash/fractional)

  • Centrifugation

  • Filtration

  • Phase separation


  • Extractive: oilfield chemicals, refinery chemicals. AG chemicals, mining chemicals

  • Automotive Chemicals: fuel/lube additives, components, tire/rubber

  • Bio-sustainable: biofuels, chemicals, esters, base oils

  • Others: soecialty chemical, paper and ink, textile


Please call Dr.Yond Ming at 346-207-4702 or send an email to