The safety of our team members is extremely important to us both at work and at home. Toolbox safety topics are not limited to at-work issues as there are hazards in all aspects of life. Safety training does not stop for us when our team members leave our gates. Without them returning the next day, we would not be able to continue the high quality of service that we have become known for. Safety education and the resulting heightened awareness are principles we train and encourage our team members to follow every day. For example, with the modern technologies available to us, safety while driving has become compromised by email and texting while driving. Third Coast Terminals has a general team member mandate that states no team member will text or type on cell phones while driving vehicles on business. Also, team members are not permitted to possess fire-arms, weapons, drugs or alcohol while on duty. We have an open-door, management driven policy where all accidents and situations which could lead to an accident, injury or contamination are reported immediately to local supervisors for correction or escalation.

Third Coast Terminals complies with all industry regulations including, but not limited to:

Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Written Hazard Communication Program 49CFR.

Complete respiratory training program as specified in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 29CFR 1910.134.

Confined Space – All operations team members are trained and certified annually in confined space entry procedures in accordance with 29CFR 1910.146.

Lockout / Tagout – Policies and procedures for lock-out/ tag-out have been written and are adhered to in accordance with 29CFR 1910.147.

Blood-borne Pathogen – Team members are trained annually in the handling and disposal of blood borne Pathogens as outlined in 29CFR 1910.1030.

Fall Protection training in accordance with 29CFR 1926.503 is accomplished annually.

Noise Exposure.

HAZWOPER and HAZCOM training is conducted annually. In addition, prior to the arrival of new products, each affected team member receives training appropriate for that product.

CPR/First Aid – several team members throughout the facility are trained in first aid and CPR with more trained individuals being added over time.

Emergency Planning and Fire Prevention (annual training) Every team member receives hands-on fire extinguisher training.

Flood and Hurricane Procedures.

We abide by all DOT Regulations 49CFR Parts 171 – 180. All hazmat team members receive extensive training within the first 90 days of employment. Prior to their training, team members work side-by-side with experienced hazmat team members.

Accident and Injury Response.

Personal Protection Equipment in accordance with 29CFR 1910.132.

Forklift Safety Program in accordance with 29CFR 1910.178. All operation team members are cross-trained and certified to operate forklifts.

Third Coast Terminals employs a certified trainer so that all mandatory training may be conducted on-site.

Third Coast Terminals' continuous team member training program includes mandatory weekly Toolbox Meetings and monthly Departmental Training.

All team members in the Blending Department have attended the Texas A&M Fire School in Bryan/College Station, TX not to fight fires, but to be more capable in an emergency situation.

Subcontractors are fully trained before being allowed into the facility while visitors receive a safety indoctrination.

Annual insurance audits reflect continuous improvement in our safety & health achievements following Third Coast Terminal’s policy of safety culture.