Third Coast Terminals recognizes that our local area is periodically exposed to violent storms and other events. TCT has prepared our organization for rapid response, recuperation, community assistance and business continuity. Our commitment to emergency preparedness includes:

Third Coast Terminals has prepared an Emergency Action Plan Manual.

Established communication with local emergency management for assistance and cooperation when necessary and possible.

Planning and conducting periodic, documented emergency exercises.

Installed generators which are capable of supplying energy to run the entire facility including onsite Corporate Offices and Analytical Laboratory.

Fire monitors are in place throughout the plant, with an additional 200,000 gallon water storage tank and pump capable of moving 4000 gallons per minute as part of our fire suppression system.

Assigned responsibility, and training, for team member deployment in disaster conditions.

Capability to provide support resources in the community.

Spill containment, spill control equipment and trained operators on staff during operational hours.

Extensive and detailed planning for emergency response.

Personnel trained and certified in Incident Command, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 100, 200, 700, Hazardous Materials Prevention, Guide to Points of Distribution and Chemical Security Awareness, among others.