Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

Contract Manufacturing is the dedicated, custom production of products using a customer's trade knowledge and intellectual property to manufacture products for them and their end customers. We work with you every step of the way to select raw materials and tailor manufacturing to meet your exact specifications on time, every time. Our dedicated team of commercial, technical, process, operations, design, maintenance and supply chain personnel work hand in hand with your experts to ensure that products arrive at your end customer's site safely, reliably, on time, profitably and as seamlessly as if they had been produced in your own plant.

Step 1 : Expression of Interest

The journey towards your success story begins with an expression of interest in manufacturing your product. You can easily reach us here for an introductory inquiry. Contact Us.

Step 2 : Information Exchange

After the initial contact, a meeting between you and the team can be arranged. In the meeting, a broad overview of the potential toll manufacturing project can be shared with our operational, technical and commercial functions. We will also share with you a general overview of the plant's successful history and diverse set of manufacturing capabilities.

Step 3 : Joint Non Disclosure Execution

We are committed to ensuring your IP remains exclusively yours. In this respect, a joint non disclosure agreement will be executed between you and TCT before any IP is exchanged. This ensures the protection of your proprietary information, and ours.

Step 4 : Detailed Discussions

Once the non disclosure agreement has been executed, detailed discussion on the toll manufacturing project will commence. The discussions will center around manufacturing procedures, engineering designs and modifications, cost and contractual terms, logistical arrangements, quality assurance, and safety evaluations and manufacturing procedures.

Step 5 : Project Execution

The culmination of the journey lies in the final project execution. At this last stage, you will witness your raw materials being transformed into on specification product in the most safe, timely and efficient manner.