Third Coast is equipped to handle a wide range of food-grade products from vegetable oil to pharmaceutical grade propylene glycols (Better known as PG USP).

We offer high purity packaging lines from drums, totes, IBC’s (up to 330 gallons), and 5 gallon pails in white rooms.

Our facility and staff are prepared and experienced in following all required procedures to meet Halal and Kosher packaging standards.

We are approved by the Texas Department of Health, USDA, FDA, and certified by four rabbinical societies for Kosher packaging.

All of our white-room packaging lines have access to truck, railcar, ISO container, and terminal operations with combined filling capacities in excess of 50,000 gallons/8 hour shift and utilizing dedicated transfer pumps, process piping lines and transfer hoses all based upon customer request. All filling is conducted by weight and all packaging containers are visually inspected inside and out prior to filling; packaging containers can be nitrogen purged and blanketed upon customer request.