Working at Third Coast Terminals

In our efforts to promote a strong partnership with our community and other stakeholders, Third Coast Terminals has promoted and participate in activities such as training of emergency response personnel, as well as other local members of our industry. Third Coast has representatives in, and patronize organizations such as Transcaer®, Brazoria County Emergency Planning Committee, Community Emergency Response Team, as well as other local civic and governmental institutions. In addition, Third Coast Terminals maintains a strong relationship with the Pearland Fire Department.

Third Coast encourages the following actions:


Third Coast Terminals encourage it's employees, neighbors, and stakeholders in general, to recycle unused paint, brake fluid, antifreeze, cleaning products, oils, and other authorized items, by dropping them off at the Pearland Recycling Center.

White goods (appliances) and electronics (phones, computers, etc.) also need to be collected for recycling.

Third Coast recycles all batteries and provides receptacles throughout the facility for their collection.


By using the most adequate electronic programs and technologies, we have been able to reduce, and continue to reduce, our paper consumption, while increasing efficiency and customer service. Discarded paper is recycled.


Third Coast Terminals employees, stakeholders and citizenry in general are exhorted to participate in the eradication of mosquitoes in the area. Do not allow old tires or water collecting materials to rest in your backyard or other places where they can provide mosquitoes a place to breed and incubate their larvae.


Third Coast Terminals is involved in training and providing information to it's employees and members of the community in emergency response and hurricane preparedness.

Third Coast Terminals training program in Hazardous Materials identification is available upon request to civic groups and other parties.